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Next Generation Legacy

We achieve the best in life when we’re supported - be it family, friends, coaches, physios, volunteers, an employer, a membership organisation, school or government policy. In short we can’t get there alone.


Sophie certainly has had fantastic support in achieving her goals, so for a number of years now she has been challenging herself with the question – “What am I doing to make it easier for the next generation?” 


Looking forward, Sophie wants to continue to leverage her profile, as one of Britain’s most successful paralympians, to impact the Next Generation across para dressage, women in tech and the broader disability agenda. Initially she will continue to do this via her public speaking engagements, social media and support for selected charities.  


Supporting charities is important for Sophie, as a way of giving back to areas which have helped get her where she is today. She champions the following charities either as a Patron, Ambassador or Vice President.

Logos of all the charities that Sophie works with: The Movement Centre, The Rainbow Centre, Mane Chance Sanctuary, Riding for the Disabled Association, Chance for Childhood, Sparks and SportsAble
Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Sophie has proven a significant asset to organisations and businesses through her numerous public speaking and ambassadorial roles. When brands are looking for inspirational sporting figures to speak at events and engagements, there are few as uniquely appealing as Sophie. Her story, experiences and natural wit make her a very personal and memorable speaker across a range of topics.

From growing up with a disability to sporting success, from politics to changing the perception of para-sport and disability in the UK and worldwide, Sophie is adept at tackling the very serious to the light-hearted. Just ask her how it feels to hold eight gold medals, or how she tackled Boris Johnson on the subject of disabled access on London’s transport system!

If you'd like Sophie to speak at an event please contact Team Sophie via our Contacts Page

Supported Charities

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