Being an equestrian athlete is extremely expensive for Sophie. She relies on staff to look after her horses daily, and has to pay at least a coach and a carer to come with her to competitions. Training and livery costs at least £1,200 per horse per month, even before competitions.

For this reason, it would be impossible for her to do the sport without the help of sponsors and Team Sophie.

Sophie would like to thank the following businesses for their support:

Miss Matahari: Sophie wears pull-up jodhpurs to train as doing up fastenings is difficult due to her disability. However no existing companies made these in white for competition. Miss Matahari, a female sportluxe range, made Sophie bespoke white jodhpurs for competition for 2016.


Equi-Trek: In 2016, Equi-Trek lent Sophie a Sonic horsebox to help with transport costs.


Equivisions Dressage To Music: Equivisions work with Sophie on her freestyle music for free, and helped teach composer Nick Hooper what to include in an original piece of music for Sophie’s horse.