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Merry Christmas From Jane

Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

Jane would like you to join her and become part of a Paralympic Journey

This year Jane is supporting 8 times equestrian paralympic champion, Sophie Christiansen, on her journey to win Gold medals 9,10 &11 at the 2020 paralympics in Tokyo. She has done this by joining Sophie's Gold Club. The Gold Club is designed for equine and sporting enthusiasts to experience at close quarters the "ups and downs" of Sophie's Paralympic journey and leave a lasting template to support the next generation of athletes 

In an extremely generous gesture Jane has arranged for a full year complementary membership to the Club as a special Christmas present for you. All you need to do to is complete your details below and press the submit button.


Once you have registered below your Welcome Pack and free gift will be sent to you. You can then join Sophie's private facebook page and you will be entered in all the prize draws and receive all the updates as and when they happen.   

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Club Video and Members Making Use Of The Club Joining Gift

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Complete the follow details to join the club that Jane has gifted you your first year

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Please read the Club's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement​ and confirm your acceptance

I've read and agree the Terms and Conditions relating to Sophie Christiansen Ltd Gold Club (See Below)

Tick this box  to confirm you have the parent or guardian's permission to complete the membership details for someone under 16

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* Required

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Tick this box if you are interested in the premium experience and Team Sophie will contact you

Unless we need details  of a parent / guardian  then you're good to go and submit your details 



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You only need to complete the following if you are a parent or guardian

Add Details of Parent / Guardian


As a parent, guardian we’d like to keep in touch and send you information relating to Sophie's journey. Please tick this box to give your consent to hear about more news and offers from Sophie Christiansen Ltd 


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Read Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Sophie Christiansen Limited (company number 11322183) (“the Management”)  manages the Sophie Christiansen Gold Club ("the Club") on behalf of the membership

  • The Management confers on the Member (for the duration of their membership with the Club) certain benefits associated with Sophie Christiansen Para Dressage Rider (“The Rider”), and her Para dressage training programme and Para dressage competition programme.  The benefits, dependant on the members level of membership, are as follows:-

Benefits Table 2.png
  • Membership is effective for a full period of 12 months from whatever date the Member joins.

  • Membership is primarily an entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity.

  • Membership is for personal use only and cannot be utilised for any commercial purpose.

  • All rights conferred to the Member by the Club are personal to the Member alone and may not under be gifted, bequeathed, sold, assigned, leased, form part of a loan, offered or granted as security to any third parties.

  • If the Member chooses not to renew at the end of the 12 months period, the membership shall expire.

  • The Member has the right to cancel their membership within 14 days of subscribing or renewing and Sophie Christiansen Limited will refund their payment in full.

  • Prize money won by the Rider during the period of membership are used to offset the Rider’s cost of training and competing and will not be distributed amongst the Members.

  • The membership fee shall include the provision of regular updates to all Members in the form of, but not limited to, either social media posts, newsletters or emails

  • There is no guarantee that if the level of membership includes hospitality, stable visits or “behind the scenes” visits that all members will be able to attend all events and that if numbers are oversubscribed a draw will be used to allocate places and preference will be given to those members who have not attended previous events

  • From time to time addition benefits may become available these will be allocated / made available by the Managers to Member(s) and may include an addition charge  

  • All decisions relating to the Club, for example, horses, competitions, training, and club management, shall be made by the managers.

  • Decisions of the Managers of the Club are final and binding.

  • At no time does the Member have a legal or equitable interest in any one or more of the horses (or any share thereof) that the Club may own or purchase

  • If at a Member acts in a manner which could cause harassment, embarrassment, offence or distress to another person the offending Member may be barred from attending any future Club events and may not be able to renew their Club Membership.

  • Copyright of all published material is the property of the Club.

  • Any person who is banned by a dressage governing body or any other equine governing body cannot be a member of The Sophie Christiansen Gold Club.

  • Sophie Christiansen Limited has processes in place to comply with GDPR. For full information, please refer to the 'Privacy Policy' on our website, or available by request.

  • By joining the club you consent to receive communication from Sophie Christiansen Ltd regarding the club and other offers that the Management deem appropriate

  • If a membership is purchased as a gift and the member is over 16 years of age as part of the welcome process Sophie Christiansen Limited will contact the recipient to gain consent to continue to use their details as part of the Gold Club. We will send them copies of the Terms and Conditions and ask that they accept them and we will also ask them to read our privacy statement. If they do not wish to continue membership at this point their details will be deleted from our database and the membership will revert to the purchaser who has the right to cancel the membership within 14 days. 

  • Sophie Christiansen Ltd will ensure all communication is age appropriate and reserve the right to contact the parent / guardian in relation to membership activities to gain appropriate permission(s).

  • Sophie Christiansen Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

  • If hospitality events linked to a competition or stable visit, involve additional facilities, such as lunch, these are normally offered at commercial rates.

  • Any tickets issued for events shall remain the property of Sophie Christiansen Limited at all times and are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Members may not re-sell or transfer a ticket. Tickets cannot be returned for a full or partial refund under any circumstances.

  • Members must abide by the conditions laid out by The Club and any third part event organisation / venue

  • Attending any event is at the ticket holder's own risk, and no responsibility can be accepted for any accident/injury or loss/damage to property. By attending the event, the ticket holder gives Sophie Christiansen Limited and/or the event venue their consent to use their image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photo/picture, publicity material or website.

  • Horse and rider safety and well-being is paramount and members most adhere to any instruction given by The Managers

  • Should there be an issue with your enjoyment of membership of The Club or any aspect of membership please bring this to the immediate attention of the Managers

©Sophie Christiansen Limited                                                       version 1.0

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